Craft Your Characters--An Online Course
Do the characters in your novels seem flat? Do they all feel and sound alike? In this online course you will learn how to create characters who leap off the pages and into the hearts and minds of your readers. On Sale Now!

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10 Tips to Inspire the Fiction
Writer Within

Do you sometimes get stuck or have trouble getting started writing? Get my FREE tips to inspire fiction writers. I know they work because I used them myself to write several best-selling novels!

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Craft a Page-Turning Idea for Your Novel In 5 Days
If you STRUGGLE to come up with great ideas that will hook and hold readers or you want to come up with a better idea for your next novel, then this course is perfect for you.    **COURSE NOW CLOSED**


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New York TimeS Bestselling Author

I'm the proud author of seven novels and one novella. My first novel, Sisters and Lovers, sold wildly all across the globe including in England, France and Japan. It appeared on many bestseller lists such as the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today, and Essence magazine. To date, more than 100,000 hardcover and 500,000 paperback copies have sold. 

Sisters and Lovers surpassed all projections and it completely changed my life for the better. Another one of my novels, Big Girls Don’t Cry, hit many bestseller lists as well, including the New York Times.

Now I want to help aspiring authors reach their writing goals and dreams, just as I reached mine.